Video and Animation

Video & Animation Why does my business need videos? In today’s marketing strategies, nothing tops the power that videos have – 90% of customers say that videos help them decide whether to buy or not. They visually help showcase products and services that reach and attract new customers. Videos convey more information in less time … Read more

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Digital marketing (also known as online marketing) is the promotion of a client’s brand, products, and services through the internet or other digital channels. A digital marketing campaign is typically delivered via an electronic device, such as a computer, tablet, phone, or another medium, and leverages one or more channels, such as social … Read more

Graphics and Design

What is graphic design? Put simply, graphic design is the art and craft of creating visual content that communicates a concept, an idea, or a brand message to the public. Logos, artworks, drawings, illustrations, cards, emails, and the whole paraphernalia of designs are all around us. You can see them in print and digital media, … Read more

Programming and Tech

What is Web programming? Web programming or development uses code to focus on the website functionality and ensure it works and is easy to use. It involves markup, writing, network security, and coding which is client and server side. The most popular web programming languages are HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, and Python. How do … Read more