TRAINING PROGRAM CROWD FUNDING Course Description Teach Startups, Already Established Companies, NGOs, Churches and Individuals how to raise funds for all projects without paying back. We teach you to relieve yourself from the harsh world of private equity, venture capital and LBO firms. Course Benefits 1. It’s more efficient and easier than traditional fundraising2. It’s … Read more


TRAINING PROGRAM ONLINE TEACHING Course Description Teach Individuals how to teach any course or skills of their choice online for free and earn residual income. We help you build any online teaching career. Course Benefits 1. Serves as a residual source of income2. Gives you exposure to a wide range of people3. Increases Information sharing … Read more


TRAINING PROGRAM BLOGGING/VLOGGING Course Description This course helps you to develop the mindset of a successful blogger. Teaches you how to build a WordPress site Teaches you how to write amazing blog content that readers will love and share. Teaches you how to promote your content to ensure people actually see it Teaches you how … Read more


TRAINING PROGRAM FOREX TRADING Course Description Confidently utilize strategies taught in the Forex training course Correctly apply strategies used by our experts. Gain understanding of market flows and trends. Learn to form positive habits necessary for trading success. Trade with confidence and utilize the psychological aspects of a day trader. Course Benefits 1.Largest Financial Markets2. … Read more