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What is Web programming?

Web programming or development uses code to focus on the website functionality and ensure it works and is easy to use. It involves markup, writing, network security, and coding which is client and server side. The most popular web programming languages are HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, and Python.

How do I choose the right freelance programmer for my project?

With so many programming services, it’s a challenge to choose the right programmer. Formulate a clear brief, and decide on a budget, deadlines, and scope. Select a programmer based not only on their skills and experience but also on how well you might work and communicate, we are the perfect match to do this for you.

Do I need to prepare something for my programmer?

Yes, good documentation and a clear brief are crucial for the success of getting the desired result for your project. Formulate your initial high-level idea and brainstorm it until you have a clear vision. Next, turn your idea into detailed functional requirements for the backend programming and detail your technical requirements (platform, devices, etc.) Also add non-functional requirements e.g. performance, security, and load, and specify the scope of the project.

What type of services can I find in Programming & Tech?

Starting with web development for client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend), we offer WordPress and e-commerce development, mobile or desktop apps, support & cybersecurity, as well as user testing and QA. Check below:

Website Development


Website Builders & CMS

E-Commerce Development

Web Programming

NFT Websites

Application Development

Mobile Apps

Web Apps

Desktop Applications

Game Development


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

NFT Development

Support & Cybersecurity

Support & IT

Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Development for Streamers

Convert Files

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